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Comfortable Air Track Mat Online-Part1

Jun, 25, 2022

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If you want to stay healthy, keep reading this article.

A gymnastic mat is also called an air track mat. Gymnastic mats on the market are made of PVC and EVA materials. Let's take a look at EVA material today.

16.4 foot air track

The advantages of EVA material

Film: EVA resin is widely used in film manufacturing due to its high transparency, as well as high impact, tear resistance, low temperature, and weather resistance. Such as agricultural film, casting film, deep freezing film, stretch film, silage film, lamination film, and hot melt film, because of its own unique non-toxicity, it can be used to make food packaging film, and medical film, and utensils.
Hot-melt adhesive: EVA resin mixed with resin and wax can be used to make hot-melt adhesive. It has excellent dry contact and can be widely used in packaging, bookbinding, woodworking, shoe industry, plastic bonding, etc.
Wax modifier: EVA resin has complete compatibility with paraffin, adhesion, and heat sealing strength, so it is widely used in moisture-proof, heat-sealing craft paper, aluminum foil laminated paper, frozen food packaging paper and waterproof corrugated cardboard, etc. Use this product.
Asphalt modifier: EVA resin is completely compatible with asphalt, and its use can improve the temperature sensitivity (brittleness at low temperature, viscosity at high temperature), rigidity, and impact resistance of asphalt. Modified asphalt has a wide range of uses in civil engineering, roofing materials, road show materials, and so on.
Polymer mixture: Mixing EVA resin with polyethylene, polybutene, polyvinyl chloride, natural/synthetic rubber, etc. can improve its rigidity, impact resistance, processability, weather resistance, etc.



Its task is to develop fast-paced, flexible, dexterous, and other physical qualities, improve health, and cultivate a good posture for practitioners so that they can obtain a healthy physique. General rhythmic gymnastics are mainly freehand exercises, including various basic movement combinations and complete sets. practice. A simple exercise with light equipment is also the main content of general rhythmic gymnastics. The selection of equipment should be determined according to local conditions and tasks of practice, and there are no rigid regulations. General rhythmic gymnastics combined with formation changes can be used for collective performances or as popular content for competitions. These exercises can be widely carried out in large, middle, and elementary schools because it is not limited by field equipment and has strong flexibility. Buy a gym mat and practice together.


Where to buy it

You can go to Kameymall to buy it.

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