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A New Trend In Gymnastic

Nov, 24, 2021

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A new trend in gymnastic has arrived. Have you found the new and advanced air pressure track that replace the traditional landing mats made of foam?

Yes, it is an air track mat!


Why use an air track mat?

Easy to set up
You can inflate it easily in 3 minutes. The  air track mat can be quickly inflated and deflated, it is easy to set it up even for kids.


It can be adjustable
You can easily adjust the pressure to your preference. If you set it to maximum pressure, the air track mat will be hard. On the contrary, if you set it to minimum pressure, it will be more flexible and softer.


It is suitable for all gyms
Suitable for recreational groups and higher level gymnasts. Adding an air track mat to your gym will bring economic benefits.

gymnastic air track mat

It is portable
The air track is light-weighted and comes in various sizes and colors. And it is easy to be deflated and folded for transportation, so you can start training whenever you want and wherever you want! In addition, it can be put away and placed in the cabinet or under the bed without taking much storage space.


Zero noise
No noise during training because continuous inflation is not required. Not only it is suitable for universities, athletics gyms, acrobatics schools, and other athletic facilities. An air track mat can give you benefits like:

Designed for gymnastics, cheerleading and parkour enthusiasts. You can train all kinds of difficult skills, like jump and flip.

With an air track mat, you can jump as high as you want, or even do a flip! You don’t have to worry or fear about landing too hard! It provides a bounce to keep you safe.
It is thick enough to withstand the external force when you are training on it, the air track mat is sturdy that can give you support during your exercise, you never fear of being injured seriously.


Air track mat use
If you think air track mat is only used in gymnastics exercise and only used for professional athletes, then you are wrong. It can be used on the floor, water, and grass. Or a high-performance training or home entertainment, as long as you make sure there are no sharp things on the grass to damage the track. It is also suitable training equipment for home use and its perfect for tumbling.


But a mat for yourself
After you reading this blog, if you want to buy an air track mat, our Kameymall will give you a good shopping experience.


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