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The Trend Of Air Track Mat

The New Popularity in Gymnastic-Air Track Mat

Dec, 06, 2021

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New popularity in gymnastics has entered into people’s lives, what is it? Well, it is an advanced sports equipment known as “air track mat”. And this equipment has been widely used in many sports activities.

Then why is it so popular? Let’s continue to do talk about it.

Can be set up in a few minutes

It only takes at most 3 minutes to inflate the mat fully, and the steps for setting up it is very easy, too. Or you can refer to the installation guide to complete it.


It is suitable for home use

Of course, if you want your child to have the opportunity to practice various sports skills at home instead of going to the gym, then the air track mat is a perfect option for you.

airblock gymnastics

The pressure can be adjustable
The pressure can be adjusted according to your need. If you set it to maximum pressure, the air track mat will be hard. On the contrary, if you set it to minimum pressure, it will be more flexible and softer.


It can be folded for transport and storage
The air track mat is different from the traditional and bulky foam mat. And it is easy to be deflated and folded for transportation, so you can start training whenever you want and wherever you want! In addition, it can be put away and placed in the cabinet or under the bed without taking much storage room.

These air track mats can be used in many sports, they are used for all kinds of sports skills and sports entertainment. In addition, you needn’t worry about getting hurt during the training process.

Designed for gymnastics, cheerleading, and parkour enthusiasts. You can train all kinds of difficult skills, like jumping and flipping.

With an air track mat, you can jump as high as you want, or even do a flip! You don’t have to worry or fear about landing too hard! It provides a bounce to keep you safe.
It is thick enough to withstand the external force when you are training on it, the air track mat is sturdy that can give you support during your exercise, you never fear of being injured seriously.


Buy a mat for your training
After you read this blog, if you want to buy an air track mat, Kameymall provides a lot of kinds of these mats.
Hope that you will have a good shopping experience here.

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