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Wake Up! They Are Using Ari Track Mats!

Jun, 29, 2022

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I've been doing all kinds of gymnastics at our local sports club and I think it's fun and a great way to meet new people and have a good social life. Six months ago, I bought an air track mat, and a week later, I totally fell in love with it. If you don't know what an air track is, let me explain briefly.  

Choose the right air track

The air track is basically a giant inflatable air track mat. Gymnastic mats with extra air to make them more resilient than normal. As you can see in the video, this extra rebound effect enables me to jump higher and get extra height and speed moving. This is much more fun than using a floor or regular mat. There are so many different types of Airtracks to choose from, so it can be hard to choose the best one for you. I already have some gymnastics skills, so the smallest is not a good choice for me. So I bought a 4 meter long, 15 cm high Airtrack, which enabled me to do a variety of jumps before running out of Airtrack space.  


If you are new to gymnastics or sports, I recommend buying a smaller 3 meter model. It's easier to use and you can also keep it indoors so you can use it when the weather is bad. As a beginner, you don't need a long air track because you probably won't do a long series of jumps. It takes some time before you get to that level, and a lot of people never get there. So start with a small Airtracks and you can always sell it and buy a bigger model as your skills improve.  


Expand your air track  

In addition to the landing pad and tilt pad in the video above, you can also get a lot of extra things for your orbit.  Like air buckets, training beams and folding MATS, you can use to expand your track and make it more challenging and fun.  I'd love to have more of this myself, but it's too expensive and I've spent all my money on what I have.  Not that I'm complaining, a lot of girls my age like the Airtracks stuff I own now.  But like so many other things, there's always more room.  


Training on an air track  

When I train on the track, it's mostly gymnastic moves and jumps, but I know a lot of people who also do other types of sports on the track, like parkour, cheerleading or martial arts. My friend Kenny did some cool taekwondo moves his way. Compared to what you usually see in taekwondo demonstrations, it looks really impressive. So don’t hesitate to pick one air track mat for yourself or families at Kameymall with reasonable prices!

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