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Advanced Air Track Mats

Feb, 16, 2022

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Air track mat is like inflatable landing pad or landing bed. Aerobic tracks are used in various sports, from professionals to amateurs and from gymnasts to cheerleaders, allowing for smooth, well-groomed recoveries and a full height take off.

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Characteristics of air track mat are as follows:

Carrying handles:

Maybe you like to change the position of your track from time to time or likely to change the direction. An ideal air track mat has been invested with carrying handles to to do this task. It enables you to transport to from place to another with ease and change its orientation.

Two valves:
Air pressure in the mat of air track mat plays an important in its functioning. Dual valves allow us to regulate or control the air pressure in the mat as sometimes the mat may come across varying weights that require different air pressure. It is the most significant feature of the air track mat.

Splicing function:
This feature allows to expand the room of the air track mat. Sometimes, the number of people playing on the mat increase than the size of the general size which varies 90-115cm. This splicing feature allows you to add more mats along side the main mate to expand the room for the practice. This is a great feature to add more people practising on the track.


Purchase an air track mat
In order to boost your skill quickly and effectively, purchase an air track mat and use it for home practicing. Kameymall supplies various types of these mats, which come in different colors, sizes and shapes. In order to reach a higher level of practice, this mat will be a good option. Our air track mat have given the best results to our customers, and we are always there to help them. Customers are interested in our products and we try our best to fulfill the requirements. We hope you will be content with out products

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