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Why Do Athletes Prefer Bananas

Jul, 18, 2022

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If we take a closer look at the reports about athletes at home and abroad, we will find that athletes from almost every country love bananas and often eat them during competitions. Whether it is mountain bikers, ball players such as tennis and table tennis, or even runners, bananas are often in their recipes.

Why do athletes from all over the world consistently favour bananas so much? It is certainly because it has some advantages that most other fruits do not have.

Benefits of bananas

1.Bananas are rich in carbohydrates and have a high caloric value among fruits. It can replenish energy for athletes relatively quickly.
2. Compared to regular staples, bananas are rich in polyphenols.
3. Bananas are known for their richness in potassium, and sufficient potassium is beneficial in reducing neuromuscular tension.
4. Bananas are soft, easy to chew and can be eaten in the shortest possible time.
5. The banana has a peel, which ensures that the flesh inside is fresh and hygienic.
6. Bananas are widely available, do not need to be refrigerated, easy to carry and convenient to store for two or three days.
7. Bananas have a pleasant flavour and are relatively hypoallergenic among tropical fruits.

Yes after you read this benefits for bananas, you will be so surprised that so great the bananas are!Actually in our lives, there are not only bananas, but also the yellow (which is similar color with bananas) air track has so many advantages.

The yellow air track mat with a strong sense of warmth
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This yellow mat has four sized you can choose:10FT X 3.3FT X 8IN (3X1X0.2M),
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Athletes Air Track
Buy a yellow air track mat
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