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Some Questions About Air Track Mats

Jun, 08, 2022

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We are able to understand our customers' questions about gymnastic mats, which also reflect the doubts of most customers. Here are some of the most common questions and the best answers we found in the course of our research.

What’s the difference between air track and tumbling mat

Traditional tumble track provides cushioning, but it functions more like a trampoline and it use the same general-purpose technology. Air track uses air to create a mat and offer spring and resistance. Using a conventional tumbling track requires no power to set up and is less expensive. On the contrast, inflatable air tracks require manual or electrical to inflate, but they are easy to store because they inflate and fold into compact sizes. Check out our article on the difference between an air track and a tumbling mat.

Is air track mat safe
Air track mat is one of the best choices for home use because of their portability (they can be stored and transported by ventilation). With a quick setup in mind, you can take the mat out for practice, then you can pack up the mat and put it away for other uses.

What pressure to use for an air track
The appropriate pressure depends on the user's weight and type of exercise. It is necessary to consult the user manual to determine the appropriate pressure. You can adjust "resilience" to your needs. Most products will offer charts based on activity and weight, but the common rule is to add adequate air in order that you don't bottom out.

How much do an air track weigh
It hinges on the brand, size and materials. Although air track mats are often light enough to be transported when deflated, which doesn't mean they weigh the same. Based on our study, you will find a significant weight difference, ranging from 20 pounds to 45 pounds.

How long can air track last
Heavily used air track may not last as long as those that are used occasionally. In addition, how you take care of the mat will also affect its longevity. Proper storage and maintenance will have a huge difference. track mat

If you want an air track mat of your own, welcome to Kameymall to have a look and buy.

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