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Best Wishes: Purple Air Track

Feb, 14, 2022

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Purple flowers are used in some ancient festivals because they are believed to protect them from headaches and drunkenness. The practice of wrapping a newborn baby in purple cloth was once popular and it was said purple could bring fame, wealth and success to the child in the future.
So if you want to choose an Air track mat  for kids, children, or teenagers, how about buy the purple one and send the best wishes for them?

purple air track
Purple: The Noble Color

Purple represents dignity, sanctity and love.
In the Byzantine era, emperors from the royal lineage would add the word "Born To The Purple" to their title to show their rightful origin.
In the Christian Religion, the purple color represents supremacy and the power from the Holy Spirit. The Jewish high priests often used purple in their clothing or in their curtains and holy vessels.
The main color for the Feast of Tabernacles (awaiting the birth of Jesus) is purple.

Air Track : An Excellent Tool
The air track is composed of imported PVC dual-sided special ingredients, certified by environmental protection and anti-ageing trials.
Firstly, air tracks could provide more bounce than their traditional counterparts. Secondly, air tracks are easy to put away as they can easily be rolled into a small wardrobe or the boot of a car after gas releasing. Thirdly, its weight is light and it does not require much space. Due to their light weight, air tracks are more portable than traditional mats.

The Best Gift: Purple Air Track
As we all know, purple is so unique that means so many wishes. If you are so expected to the growing up of your dear kids, if you hope they become brighter and brighter, if you have many beautiful dreams with them to make a wish, welcome to Kameymall  and buy a purple air track and your kids will be delighted with it !


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