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Home news Product What Kinds Of Safety Shoes Are There (Part Two)
fashionable women safety shoes on sale

What Kinds Of Safety Shoes Are There (Part Two)

Jun, 27, 2022

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There are many types of safety shoes, which can be classified according to their functions as follows.

Toe protection anti-smash shoes

It is to prevent objects from smashing the surface of the feet and toes. For example, when carrying heavy objects or loading and unloading materials, rolling drums, heavy pipes hit the feet or inadvertently kicked the sharp metal plates. The front toe of the shoe is lined with impact resistant, high strength, light weight metal material, and its strength and impact resistance should be tested to meet the required standards before use. Note that according to the operation of the light weight to choose different strength of safety shoes for women.

Insulated shoes
The role of insulated shoes is to minimize the risk of electric shock. Because the electric current flows through the human body to the ground through the contact point when electrocuted, electrical work should not only wear insulated gloves, but also insulated shoes. Insulating shoes should be frequently inspected and maintained, such as moisture or severe wear, it will not be able to play a protective role.

Anti-static shoes
Anti-static shoes are suitable for preventing accidents caused by the human body with static electricity, as well as avoiding electric shock to the human body caused by capacitive equipment by chance.

Steel-making shoes
These shoes are also called casters' shoes, mainly to prevent the burning and stabbing of the feet. These shoes should be pressure-resistant, not easy to burn, the upper has oil-impregnated cowhide surface and canvas veneer, the sole are tire soles lined with cowhide. In order to prevent the scalding of molten metal spattering liquid, are used high waist easy to take off the style. Can also use the shoe cover will be the mouth, trouser leg cover, shoe cover more with canvas, asbestos, aluminum film made.

Rubber boots
According to its use there are acid and alkali boots, waterproof boots, oil-proof shoes and so on. Acid and alkali boots are suitable for work on the ground with acid and alkali and other corrosive liquids, made of acid and alkali resistant rubber, there are also pants and boots together with acid and alkali resistant trouser boots, waterproof boots for ground water or splashing operations, the basic material is rubber, there are waterproof boots for miners, special boots for aquatic, rice planting boots, etc. Oil-proof shoes are used for operations with oil on the ground, made of rubber or polyethylene plastic, and there are a variety of boots, shoes, etc.

Cold-proof shoes
Suitable for cold and low-temperature environment, there are cotton shoes, fur boots and felt boots, etc., with good insulation performance. In addition to the above types of protective shoes, there are also suitable for road construction workers' soles heat insulation, suitable for construction workers' soles reinforced, suitable for food, brewery workers' soles moisture-proof protective shoes, etc.

There are various types of safety shoes, welcome to Kameymall for purchase.

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