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Prerequisites for Safety Shoes

Jan, 24, 2022

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The ASTM F2413 standard addresses the following footwear performance requirements

Safety shoes are not required for impact and compression resistance, but a protective toe cap must be a permanent element of the shoes to protect the foot from falling objects or crushing from heavy rolling objects.
•Metatarsal protection helps to protect the top of the foot from harm. The toe and the metatarsal bone area between the ankle and the toes should be covered by proper footwear.

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•Resistance to electric shock: When standing for one minute at 18,000 volts at 60 hertz with no current flow or leakage in excess of 3 milliamperes under dry conditions, an EH rated shoe protects the wearer against shock.
•Puncture/penetration resistance necessitates the use of a permanent plate between the insole and outsole of safety footwear to prevent penetration by sharp items such as nails and glass.
•When using a chainsaw, chainsaw cut resistance protects the foot between the toe and the lower thigh.
•The capacity of the shoe to safely transmit any buildup of static charge through the sole and into the floor is measured by Static Dissipative.
•If you come into contact with conductors or circuits by accident, dielectric insulation footwear will keep you safe.
•Protective footwear is primarily the responsibility of the employer, however, employees should be informed about their safety shoe options and when they are required. We hope that this page has clarified the history and reasons for wearing protective safety shoes, as well as the various varieties of shoes available.


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