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Useful Taekwondo Skills

Jan, 06, 2022

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The basic skills of Taekwondo are a must for beginners. Each move has knowledge. Provide you with Taekwondo basic skills teaching practice The basic skills of Taekwondo should be both inside and outside. Taekwondo basic skills should be practiced in accordance with the teaching steps, otherwise, you will be injured if you fail to learn. Taekwondo is welcomed by many teenagers, especially boys. They exercise their temperament and avoid learning badly. Taekwondo's basic skill practice is enough to meet the learning needs of novice friends. After mastering it, you can continue to follow up the learning test section. Here are some basic skills of Taekwondo brought by Kameymall. Welcome to read.

Swing kick

Action specification: start from the left actual combat posture, push the right foot backward, move the bodyweight forward to the left foot, support the left foot, bend the knee and lift the right leg; The front sole of the left foot is the axis, the heel rotates inward about 180 degrees, the knee joint of the right leg is buckled, the right leg extends forward to the left, straightens, bends the knee to the right with the sole of the foot, and then the right leg relaxes and bends the knee to recover, and falls back to the original position to form a practical posture.

Action Essentials:
1. After lifting the leg, bend the knee of the right leg and lift it over the level, and then buckle it inside.
2. The right foot should follow the rotation and stretch forward to the left as far as possible.
3. Bend your knees and buckle your lower legs when you whip your right foot to the right.
4. Relax after whipping.

Action specification: start with actual combat posture. Push your right foot on the ground and move your weight forward to your left foot. At the same time, the right leg is bent with the hip joint as the axis, the knee is lifted up, and the two hands are clenched and placed in front of the chest; Then fully deliver the hip, lift the knee joint to the chest, straighten the right lower leg axially with the knee joint, lift the right leg straight in front of the body and the right foot over the head. Then relax and hit down with the right heel (or sole of the foot) as the force point, all the way to the front, into a practical posture. It is recommended that you must buy an air track to prevent accidental falling injury.

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