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Training With Your Air Track Mat In Different Places

Dec, 11, 2021

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When you receive your new air track mat, you may have such a problem: where I can place my air track mat? This is a very common question if you use this mat for the first time. Let’s discuss and answer the question.


Water-proof and wear-resistant

air track mat is made of the chemical vinyl polymer. And the material has several applications in the leisure and construction industries. In the inflatable boat and paddleboard industry, it is used as a coating on polyester or nylon to increase strength and tear resistance. Because it is a type of plastic, it can be thermobonded or glued. This material is durable, non-irritating, safe, and environmentally friendly, thus it is very suitable for manufacturing air track mats. In addition, these mats are water-proof and wear-resistant so they can be used on some hard and rough surfaces.

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Add a protective layer under your air track mat
After making sure that there are no sharp objects on the surface, then it is perfectly safe to set it up on grass exactly the same way you do on a regular floor. Of course, concrete floors and wooden floors are also suitable. Just make sure that there are no sticks, rocks, pine cones, or anything else that could damage the air track mat.

If you can’t be sure that the surface is completely safe, please add a protective layer to it. This protective layer can be a tarp or something similar just as long as it is big enough to completely cover the whole area of ground under your mat.


Choose an air track mat and put it in different places
There are a number of options available for gymnastics practice, you will easily find the one that you need. Try different places and find the most suitable one. Kameymall is a website for shopping, you will find the air track mat that you really desire.

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