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It Is Time To Replace Safety Shoes

Jan, 14, 2022

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Only when safety shoes are in good condition can they protect workers’ feet from injury. But most of the time, issues of safety shoes are easy to ignore. Eventually, security is threatened. Kameymall cares for these issues and gives tips to help them keep healthy.

There is no certain date or time for replacing the safety shoes, but how often to replace your shoes depend upon the time how often you wear them, and the degree of damage to the shoes. In general, workers who work under heavy loads will change shoes more times. You can check them once half a year after use. There are some different methods to repair them or directly replace them according to the degree of damage.

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Worn shoes:

Is there any obvious damage? Such as holes and tears.
Are the textures of the soles worn and smooth?
Do the shoes become too loose or tight?
Are you feeling uncomfortable when wearing them?
In some simple words, is the support of the shoes not as good as before?
If any of the above signs appear, you need to consider changing your safety shoes.


Has something been dropped on the protective toe of your safety shoes recently? If so, the protective integrity can be damaged but you don’t notice. You need to know that there should be no obvious dents on the toes, otherwise the protection will be weakened. Often, the impact of something falling on the toe can dislodge the toe cap without it being visible. The issue of safety shoes must be put in the first place because the purpose is to keep your feet healthy.


Various work environments:
The time workers spend on their feet, work needs, working conditions are all different, which cause different damage to safety shoes. People who work under extreme working conditions for a long time have to safety shoes more frequently than those who work indoors or in a dry environment.


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