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mini air track block for gymnastics

Yes! It Is The Queen Of Berries

Jul, 18, 2022

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The name blueberry is derived from the English word blueberry, meaning blue berry. Native and native to the United States, it is also known as the American blueberry.

Blueberry fruit is rich in nutrients, it not only has good nutritional health effects, but also has the function of preventing brain nerve aging, strengthening heart, anti-cancer and softening blood vessels, enhancing the immunity of the human body.

Benefits of eating blueberries

Each hundred grams of blueberry fresh fruit in anthocyanin pigment content up to 163mg, protein 400-700mg, fat 500-600mg, carbohydrates 12.3-15.3mg, vitamin A up to 81-100 international units, vitamin E 2.7-9.5 micro grams, SOD5.39 international units, vitamins are higher than other fruits.

1.Enhance immunity
2.Supplemental nutrition
3.Protect your eyes
4.Beauty and anti-aging
5.Enhance memory
6.Protect the heart
Yes after you read this benefits for blueberries, you will be so surprised that so great the blueberries are!Actually in our lives, there are not only blueberries, but also the blue (which is similar color with blueberries) air  track has so many advantages.

Blue air track mat from Kameymall
The blue air track mat is composed of imported PVC dual-sided special ingredients, certified by environmental protection and anti-ageing trials.
In the first place, air tracks could provide more bounce than their traditional counterparts. In the second place, air tracks are easy to put away as they can easily be rolled into a small wardrobe or the boot of a car after gas releasing. In the third place, its weight is light and it does not require much space.

What’s more, the size of this pink air track mat is 19.7FT X 6.6FT X 8IN 6X2X0.2M. The weight capacity is 250LB and the max pressure is 2.21 PSI. Being similar with other air track mats, the pink air track mat has some advantages, such as anti-slip, water proof, strong rebound and so on. And the guide lines could help you to practice your move with precision.

Queen Air Track
This blue mat advised above from Kameymall must be your first choice.

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