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I Decided To Purchase Safety Shoes At Kameymall

May, 07, 2022

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As you already know from my last post, I am a university graduate who has just thrown myself into the land of construction work. I have realised that I need to buy myself a pair of reliable safety shoes, but I don't know much about them, so I have run into a few problems.

Firstly, as a girl, the shoes I needed were safety shoes for women, but I found that most of the safety shoes in the physical shops around me were for men. The online shops I found also had a majority of men's safety shoes. Secondly, as there were so many different types of safety shoes, I wasn't sure which one would be the best choice for me. So, I asked my colleagues for help.

I bought my safety shoes at Kameymall

My colleagues suggested that I buy a pair of puncture-resistant or smash-proof safety shoes at Kameymall. I was expecting the shop to be similar to every online shop I had looked at before, basically selling men's safety shoes, and none of them were very well designed. It wasn't until I went in and had a look for myself that I was surprised by this shop. Why was I so surprised? Let's take a look.

A wide range of women's safety shoes

On the one hand, what makes this shop different from other online shops is that it sells mainly women's safety shoes, and there is a rich and complete range of women's safety shoes. All the smash-proof safety shoes or puncture-proof safety shoes I needed were available here. I even saw waterproof and anti-slip safety shoes and so on. I feel that if I were to encounter a rainy day then my working environment would also require me to purchase a pair of waterproof and non-slip safety shoes.

Modern Safety Shoes

Many articles on safety shoes

After browsing for a while, I was surprised to find a lot of news about safety shoes on the shop's website. I had no idea about safety shoes before, so after reading these articles I started to feel familiar with them. That's why I'm sharing my experience of buying safety shoes on Kameymall news section, in the hope that it will help you. Of course, there are many more reasons why I purchased my safety shoes here, so please allow me to continue sharing them below.

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