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How To Reduce Strain And Injury For Workers On Their Feet

Nov, 23, 2021

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For workers, walking and standing for a long time a day will put great pressure on their feet. A workers’ heel lands on the floor with a force of 1-1/2 to 2 times their body weight. The influence of a full day of standing and walking on the body is equivalent to the weight of a cement mixer truck. The cumulative effect will lead to microscopic trauma and joint compression, which leads to foot strain and injury. Workers often neglect the protection of their feet because of their busy work. So, if you are an employer, how to protect the health and safety of workers?

If the workers stand for more than 4 hours a day, then you have to take measures to help reduce their risk of strain and injury, a great way to this is wearing safety shoes for women.

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Here are some measures that may help you

Take a short rest

Allow the workers who are mainly standing to take a short rest and move/walk to increase blood circulation in the legs and relieve leg pain.


Standing with one foot

Standing with one foot in front of the other is very useful for workers. This allows them to alternate back and forth with one foot resting and the other foot supporting.


Adjustable surface height

Make work surfaces height-adjustable to allow for both standing and sitting and to serve for people of different heights.


Wear good safety shoes

Every worker should be made sure to wear good fitting work safety shoes with good quality midsole cushioning. This will offer a barrier between the foot and the work surface.


Wear right insoles

Encourage workers to wear right insoles, because they will provide important arch support and additional shock absorption.

At Kameymall, we are committed to helping workers get the best fitting, most comfortable safety work shoes and safety boots, so they remain productive and protected. In the workplace, the safety and health of workers must come first, so that they can concentrate on their work.

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