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What If Your Safety Shoes Start Stenching?

Apr, 06, 2022

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After long time of working, worker’s feet are hard to avoid sweating, safety shoes for women wearing will smell (cotton socks will be slightly improved), even socks and feet will send out a smell, how to solve it?  

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Tips on how to properly remove the stench from labor safety shoes

1, with cotton dipped in some alcohol into labor shoes, so that after a night, alcohol volatilized off, odor can be cleared, the next day can be worn again.  

2, with a slightly hard paper, the mothballs wrapped, the mothballs will be crushed, the powder evenly sprinkled in the labor protection shoes, on the above insoles, a pair of shoes as long as about a mothball can be. So the inside of the shoe can keep dry, the shoe odor can be removed.  

  1. Put quicklime powder into a small cloth bag before going to bed every night and put it into the safety shoes for moisture absorption. Lime bag can kill bacteria in labor shoes, can play a certain role in removing the odor of shoes, can be used repeatedly.  

4, a simple way, occasionally sprinkle some salt in the safety shoes, can absorb sweat and deodorant. (It's a little harder to clean up)  

5, you can go to the market to buy some similar deodorant spray, spray in the shoes each time, can alleviate the smell of shoes.  

6, alum also has the effect of deodorization, you can sprinkle some alum powder into shoes.  (Alum is sold in most western pharmacies.)  

  1. If your labor protection shoes are generally not worn when they are put in the shoe cabinet, you can put a piece of soap in the shoe cabinet to achieve the effect of deodorization.  

Wrap some dry tea leaves in glass stockings and stuff them into labor shoes.  It has the function of cleaning, disinfection and volatilizing odor, and can absorb the air emitting odor.  

Warm small hint: safety shoes do not wear when, as far as possible in ventilated place, or can use a hair dryer to dry shoes, often take outside air bask in, these are to prevent the good method of smelly shoes.  Socks are also easy to smell, so we must frequently change socks, wash when put a little white vinegar soak for a while, have the effect of sterilization and deodorization.  

Its also imporatnt to choose appropriate safety shoes

Of course, the most critical is to suggest that the safety shoes with good air permeability can be selected when the purchase and wash feet frequently, and the shoes replaced are ventilated in the ventilation place to keep the safety shoes shoes dry. You can visit Kameymall for good safety shoes which will comfort you feet better than common ones. 

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