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Home news Product What Are Air Spots Used For? (Part 2)
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What Are Air Spots Used For? (Part 2)

Aug, 13, 2022

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In the last article, we told you what the air spot is and what it can be used for. Let's review it now. The round inflatable circular gymnastics mat pictured below is the air spot and has a diameter of between 0.7m and 1.4m. In gymnastics training it is used as an effective tool to improve the accuracy of gymnastic movements. For example, if you are able to land your feet in the round mat during a cartwheel, your movements will be judged to be more accurate.

Today, we will continue with the use of the air spot, but again, we would like to remind you that the air tumble track should also be used in conjunction with the air spot in order to prevent you from getting injured due to mistakes when training gymnastics.

Long jump practice

If you place a 3m long rectangular air tumble track on the ground, then place the air spot on one end of the mat as a platform for the standing long jump. Subsequently, jump from this jumping platform, which creates a good standing long jump set-up. There is no doubt that the inflatable mat will keep you safer than traditional sandpit training.


How can the air spot be used in life?

There are many things we can do with the air spot in our lives. For example, you can use the air spot as a special lifebelt, because as an inflatable mat, it has great buoyancy to keep it afloat.

Alternatively, the air spot can be a great companion to accompany you in your outdoor meditations, as the inflatable product is really easy to carry around. Meditation allows you to think clearly about your recent gains and losses, plan for the next phase and readjust yourself.

And, if you go out on a picnic, take an air spot with you so you have somewhere to rest and leave your luggage. Especially if you go to the beach, with the air spot your trousers will never get dirty and you can sit on the water and take photos.


Where can I buy the air spot?

If you want to buy an air spot, I suggest you come to Kameymall, because this shop can support the customisation of the size of the round mat. Also, you can get a bigger discount if you buy now. For example, the air spot in the picture was originally priced at $147, but now you can get it for only $110.

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