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Have You Ever Heard Of Wig Transplant?

Apr, 26, 2022

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We've written more about hair transplants, where healthy hair follicles from the occipital area are transplanted to the top of the head where hair is falling out. Hair weaving is mainly troublesome to wear and uncomfortable, while hair transplant is mainly caused by limited healthy hair follicles in the occipital area, and unstable hair loss in young people is easy to continue to develop after hair transplant. It can be said that human beings also want to approach the Hair problem, and some people have even thought of combining the two technologies: planting wigs, which is called Artificial Hair Implant in foreign countries.  

What is a wig transplant 

As the name implies, the human hair wigs are planted on the scalp. In this way, it can solve the problem of inconvenient and uncomfortable wearing of hair weaving, and also solve the problem of insufficient healthy hair follicles in the occipitoccipitum after hair transplantation. It is similar to the combination of the two technologies.  

In fact, the idea and the technology are not particularly difficult, as early as the 20th century people began to think of ways to use wigs to solve hair loss, the real wig technology began in the 1970s, is made of synthetic materials on the scalp to cover hair loss.  


In the 1970s and 1980s, many people underwent wig transplants, but many suffered side effects, including inflammation, scalp infections, allergies, rejection, scarring and even poisoning.  These problems are mainly due to the use of non-standard technology and inappropriate materials by some organizations in order to make profits.  


So from the 80 s, after the United States have no wig transplants in the circulation market, the United States is the world's advanced technology leader, after the United States banned in many countries in the world of the ban, or planting technology stop developing wigs, but there is always some brave people and countries in the world can stand up to these new technologies development space, such as Japan,  We all know that Japan allows the use of dutaandroids for hair loss, Japan allows and even encourages the development of stem cell therapy, and the Japanese government supports the development of wig transplants.  


Of course, no matter from the test, results and conclusions, this article gives a good evaluation for the wig transplant technology, because the writer of the article is their own people, and writing the article is equivalent to the evaluation of their own technology, which is certainly not bad. But I think there must be a lot left to be done with wigs, or it wouldn't have been shared all along, just shared.  If you have more ideas about wigs, contact us at Kameymall.  

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