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10ft air tumble track from Kameymall

The Best Air Track Gives You Comfort Sense

Jun, 23, 2022

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Air tracks are inflatable landing surfaces or tumble beds for gymnastics, cheerleaders and parkour enthusiasts. Commercial grade air rails like our all about gymnastics give you the safety and stability of a professional sprung floor landing in a portable, lightweight form that is quick and easy to set up in shared spaces and homes.

What are the uses of air tracks

From professionals to amateurs, from gymnasts to cheerleaders, the air track mat is used in a variety of sports to achieve soft, well-executed landings and height-filled take-offs.

What are the benefits of air tracks
Air rails are lightweight and portable, so they can be moved around as needed and used at home or in the gym.
The air cushion creates a low impact landing surface which reduces the chance of injury.
The air mat has a high bounce and allows for increased height.
The air track allows gymnasts to practice their moves repeatedly to build their confidence and learn new skills.

Air track length
3m is the standard air track length and is the perfect entry level all-round air track for gymnastics, cheer leading and parkour.
At All About Gymnastics our 3m air track evo, Rainbow air track and air track home track pro are versatile, lightweight products that are perfect for home and gym use. They come in a range of colors and have the right Velcro strips so you can attach the track for longer tumbling times. They are made from durable, high grade 0.9mm mat PVC. All our air tracks are UV resistant, reach the compliant and CE certified.

Achieve Soft Achieve Soft
4m long air track
If you need more length, the 4m long air track provides a longer safe space for landings, tumbles and somersaults.
Try the D10 4m air rail from Kameymall, the D20 4m Air Rail or the stunning Rainbow 4m air rail, all with the same connections, color options and durable PVC surface.

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