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3 Key Tips For Selecting A Swimsuit That Suits Your Figure

Nov, 24, 2021

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When you’re preparing for a vacation to the tourist attraction and need to start thinking about choosing swimsuit for your trip, you may feel confused and wonder if you will ever be able to find a type of it that suits your figure.

Find the suit that covers up or minimizes your problem areas
Some women think they have “problem areas”, and they want to cover up areas they dislike.

As an example, many ladies are worried about their tummy, and don’t want to spend a whole day at the beach sucking in their mid-section or staying covered up with clothing. To solve this problem, search for a one-piece swimsuit with folds in the middle. This design element will help to hide the “problem areas”.

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Look for a swimsuit that fits your bust

In addition to nice look, getting the fit right is also very important. If you have a very large chest, make sure you find tops which have thicker, adjustable straps with double-stitched bands for additional support, and/or underwire for good lift and hold. Choosing  bikini swimsuits that come in specific cup sizes, instead of a simple small, medium, or Large size, will also help you choose the most suitable one.

Instead, if your breasts are smaller, there is no need for you to find a swimsuit with plenty of coverage or support, but you may prefer the suit that may make your breast look bigger. To do this, look for products which have embellishments on the top (like ruffles, bows, ruching), and which have padding. Getting tops in vibrant colors and with striking patterns will also help give the illusion of bigger busts.


Choose a bathing suit that stays your figure in proportion
At last, looking for the perfect bathing suit that keeps your figure in proportion. If you have one or more areas of your body which are out of proportion with the rest and which can seem more noticeable in the wrong swimsuit. Therefore, it is necessary for you to think about this when you’re shopping.

For instance, if your shoulders are wider, you can choose swimsuit with asymmetrical necklines, or those with printed panels along the sides. If you have a pear-shaped body, with a larger bottom half, look for cutaway styles which will accentuate your smaller waist, and consider buying separates, in this way you can get the perfect fit for both your top and bottom, this is a good option you can consider.

If you have a square or athletic figure that’s straight up and down, find a bathing suit that makes you look more curvilinear. Steer clear of boy-cut briefs, bandeau tops and shapeless one-piece swimsuit, and instead choose feminine prints, bright colors, and products with padding and gathering to highlight your curves.


Choose the right bathing suit
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