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Beware! Washing Your Human Hair Wig Is Also Important

Apr, 20, 2022

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Choosing the best human hair wigs shampoo depends a lot on what kind of wig you want to clean. Some wigs are made of human hair, others are made of synthetic fibers, and they require different treatments. Wigs with highlights may also require a special shampoo, depending on whether it's made of synthetic fiber or human hair.

How to pick good wig shampoo 

The best human hair wigs shampoos are usually sold at beauty supply stores and are formulated specifically to gently clean artificial or artificial wigs. Artificial wigs require special treatment because they are made of fiber, not real hair. As a result, some wig shampoos are formulated more like a washing powder for fine fabrics, and some stylists suggest using a fine fabric washing powder as a wig shampoo. It is sometimes recommended to soak synthetic wigs in fabric softener.  

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Another option for cleaning artificial wigs is to use baby shampoo or other gentle shampoos.  The key is to use a mild cleanser to prevent the fibers from fraying. Deep-cleaning shampoos should be avoided as they can take some of the color out of your wig.  

Once a fake wig becomes unkempt or stiff, even the best wig shampoos have a hard time bringing it back to life. Synthetic hair generally doesn't absorb the moisture in shampoos or conditioners, though deep conditioning shampoos can sometimes help untangle a wig. Sometimes you can extend the life of a synthetic wig by choosing the right wig shampoo, although many synthetic wigs wear out quickly anyway. How long the wig lasts depends on the quality of the wig, not the shampoo.  

Human hair wigs tend to be more expensive than artificial ones and last longer, but they still require special care. Part of the reason people need to be extra careful is that wigs are often processed multiple times. This happens when a wig is dyed to change its color or when permanents are used to curl the hair.

Washing methods also matters

How you shampoo your hair is also important. Cold water is recommended as it is milder than hot water and does not cause wear and crimp. Pat the wig gently in a basin or sink of cool water and wear a cap full of shampoo to avoid scrubbing too hard, which could damage the wig. After washing the wig, pat it dry and leave it on the wig rack to dry. Go to Kameymall for more wig maintenance tips! 

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