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Select Fit Wigs For Different Face Shapes

Mar, 26, 2022

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Before buying a wig, make sure which kind of face shape you have because everyone has a unique face shape. Only choosing the right wig can make you look more natural. So, how do people with different face shapes choose their wigs? Kameymall will share some tips with readers to help them get wigs that fit their face shapes.

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What are the common face shapes?

Oval face
To be honest, any hairstyle, any length and any texture can fit this face shape. If you belong to this face shape, then you should be glad. You can also choose from a variety of wigs to wear and do a lot of experimentation.

Square face
With such a face shape, then the hairline and chin may be wider. In this case you can choose a curly wig to add height. Break up your own straight hairstyle. But you have to be careful not to add wig volume on the sides of your face anymore.

Pear-shaped face
Such a face shape will have a narrow forehead and a wide chin. You can take care to increase the width from the top of your head to your eyes when you buy a wig, so that the width of your off-duty can be balanced. But do not add width to the cheekbones.

Heart-shaped face
A wide forehead and narrow off duty is standard for such a face shape. Then your hair around the chin can give it a thicker look and then balance your own flaws. But be careful not to choose bangs, so your flaws will look worse.

Round Face
If you have a round face, then you can increase the height and length of your hair to make your cheeks look narrower. But be careful not to choose a hairstyle that is too short, because then people may notice your neck and haircut the flaws of your face shape.


Where can you choose a wig
After reading this article, you can choose a right wig by following these simple tips above. Of course, to get a more natural look, human hair wigs are recommended.

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