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We Tried on the $30 Swimsuit Loved By 18,000 Reviewers

Dec, 18, 2021

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If you've ever bought slimming swimsuits, you know they're expensive: Swimsuits with built-in body-fits can easily cost more than $100. So when we saw Kameymall's blockbuster swimsuit selling for just $30, we couldn't wait to test it.

We are pleased to report that this stylish swimsuit definitely lives up to its hype. So it already has over 14,000 five-star reviews on Kameymall, which is not surprising, but in addition to consumer reviews, our team of testers and lab experts also raved about it in our evaluations. In fact, one tester compared it to the magical jeans from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants: it's perfect for everyone.

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The reason you should buy it this summer

To test swimsuits, 10 women of different sizes, body types, ages, and style preferences tried on the suits. We also washed it in the lab to check for signs of wear and colorfastness to see if this super affordable suit lasts longer than just a few times. That's why this swimsuit will be the best option you can buy for yourself this summer.


It’s universally flattering
In our tests, every tester thought it was likable. There’s ruching in the midsection, and they swore to make their stomachs look flatter. Some testers also said it made their waists look thinner. In addition, some have even commented that the smooth mesh panels on the back prevent spillage, which often forms "back fat" in other swimwear.


It’s supportive for most bust sizes
The sexy bikini set has removable cups that most women love, especially nursing moms who feel a little extra stuff is needed for their busts. As an added bonus, the shape of the cup is also very good. Best of all, the buttons on the back provide extra support, so our testers don't have to worry about popping out of a low-cut suit or fragile top.

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