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New Skills Of Gymnastics, Back Rolls

Apr, 24, 2022

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In our previous articles we have introduced you to the eight basic gymnastic movements of the exercise. In this article we intend to continue by introducing you to the ninth basic movements, which we hope will be of help to you. This is also the last second basic movement to work on.

Before working out on the gymnastics, you need to prepare yourself with an air track mat. the air track mat will protect you from any serious injuries that may be caused by contact with the hard floor.

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Back rolls

Firstly, start with a squat, move your body slightly forward, then push the mat with both hands and fall backwards, then roll backwards with your head down and body in a ball (palms up). Secondly, when the roll reaches the shoulder and neck area of the mat, the hips are turned up, both hands push the palms hard on the shoulders, the head is turned over and both feet fall into a squat.

Protection and assistance: First. The protection helper kneels at the back side of the practitioner and when the roll reaches the shoulder and neck position, supports the shoulders with one hand and pushes the hips with the other to help them turn over. Secondly. The protection helper stands at the back of the practitioner's side and lifts the front of the hip upwards with both hands, helping the practitioner to push the hand backwards.

Teaching method: Firstly, roll the body backwards and forwards and experience a backward propping motion with the arms bent at the elbows and both hands on the shoulders (palms up). Secondly, roll backwards from high to low on the incline.



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