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Home news Product Keep Comfortable When Wearing Safety Shoes
waterproof indestructible safety shoes for women

Keep Comfortable When Wearing Safety Shoes

Jan, 13, 2022

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When moisture build-up, discomfort, and strain on your feet will reduce your work efficiency, it is difficult for you to concentrate on the task at hand. With over 250,000 sweat glands in your feet, you will sweat easily and frequently.

People try their best to look for solutions to reduce the smell of sweat, you can use the following four simple tips to keep you working in a comfortable condition. Kameymall is committed to helping customers keep healthy and offering good products.

lightweight safety toe shoes

Wear the right socks

The way you wear socks will affect your overall foot health and comfort. Socks made from cotton are recommended because cotton dries quickly and is breathable, and is easy to clean. Or choose natural fiber made from the beech tree, its water absorption, durability, and high durability make it a good choice.


Wash or change your socks every day
Odour is caused by bacteria, but with the growth of bacteria, then it’s more difficult to remove the odor. As it becomes embedded in the fibers of the footwear itself. In order to prevent the growth of bacteria, the daily thing to do is to change and wash the socks. Frequent sweating creates the perfect habitat for bacteria to grow. By mitigating the amount of sweat that is trapped within the socks and that is transferred to the footwear itself, odor build-up can be reduced. You need to prepare multiple pairs of socks to keep yourself comfortable if you work in a warm environment often.


Use shoe freshener
If the odor caused by bacteria is difficult to eliminate, please use a spray specially designed to deal with the most unpleasant odor. With an applicator specifically created to reach the toughest of areas, you can properly treat every part of the shoes to get perfect comfort.


Choose your safety shoes
You can stay cool and comfortable all day long in the ways above no matter what your job is, safety shoes for women are the main style we recommend.

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