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Air Track Pro - AirSpot

Feb, 02, 2022

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Probably known to you by now, the round Air Track. It is an inflatable gymnastics mat or the improved and renewed springboard in various shapes filled with air that, thanks to excellent material properties, also ensures soft landings during training. It reduces the risk of injuries and makes gymnasts or athletes more confident in their abilities.
With the extra thickness of no less than 20cm centimeters, the AirSpot 1 meter diameter version is incredibly resilient also as a miniature upgraded springboard - a kind of AirBlock - AirTrack accessory. You will be amazed at what other tricks they can and will perform!
Create different training setups in and around the house; or your studio gym.
The ideal set; Lightweight, easy to adjust (air pressure, to position lengthways or widthways), and move quickly!
Whether it's the extra push-off for a somersault or other tricks, bow, etc. On the miniature version of the Air Track Pro AirSpot!
You can easily adjust the pressure to your preferences, making this 1-meter AirSpot, sort of Air-block, the perfect choice for any gymnast, Freerunner, and gymnast!

6ft wide air track

Unique feature: twice as thick as average; 20 cm thickness instead of 10 cm on average; Just like an AirBlock 20cm, a so-called floor-out also occurs; That there is jumped through the mat, among other things.
Plus: More resilience where the amount of pressure can be more easily adjusted to softer or harder!
“Due to the unique suspension plus soft landing with other tricks, our daughter suddenly dared to do a somersault on her own.”
Get acquainted with a true Kameymall series Air Track AirSpot as an inflatable (fitness- turn- freerun- etc.) mat.
The mini version of exactly the same material, but thinner and round. But still a thick 20cm than the eLite gymnastics competition Air Tracks Kameymall series group jumping, among others.
A topper and highly recommended for playing children but also for training various sports.
Whatever started as an idea to make very high-quality products for less has become a reality! Kameymall wants to deliver the very best products, using only the very best materials, at an affordable price!

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