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How To Complete A Perfect Back Somersault

Jan, 11, 2022

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The most difficult thing to practice is the front somersault. First of all, you should learn to turn over on the ground with both hands. This is the first step. If you are skilled, you can get rid of your hands, that is, you don't need both hands. Of course, you must have somersault places, first, soft grass, second, bunker, and third, air track. This is a requirement for the field. It is necessary and one of the conditions that can quickly improve you. At the same time, if you practice front somersault, that is, the front must be a place similar to a sandpit, which can reduce your somersault force and facilitate you to practice on the flat ground, just like people running on the high ground and then running on the plain, the reason is the same.

airtrack tumbling mat

With someone around you and a practice field, it's not difficult. After you move your body, you can try to flip forward. When doing the front somersault, use your hands so that you can easily somersault. Later, when you release your hand, the action should not be too large, but it should be stable and standardized. You can let someone help you flip over. You should also practice hand somersaults for at least 2 weeks.

Long rope/towel
Here's away. You find two people and take a long rope or towel. When you somersault, they lift it under your back with a towel. You pass. In this way, you will be given the strength of somersault. Over time, you will somersault.

Accompany practice
Find a partner to lie on the ground and turn over from the partner. When turning over, let the partner's back force help climb, and gradually reduce the force until he can completely climb by himself. It's also a move,
Finally, the somersaults are all waist strength and fast movement, so that they can be completed at one go. Remember, waist force, to be bold and careful, some people can pass, but fear, the result, often fall.
This is Kameymall's summary of how to practice back somersault.

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