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Practice Method Of Somersault

Jan, 07, 2022

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Why do some people have "motor cells" and play what events in Turin, while others can't even walk steadily? The difference lies in the strength of people's core muscles.
The so-called "core" is the intermediate link of the human body, that is, the area below the shoulder joint and above the hip joint, including the pelvis. It is a whole formed by the waist, pelvis, and hip joint, including 29 muscles. The core muscle group plays the role of stabilizing the center of gravity and transmitting strength. It is the main link of the overall force and plays a pivotal role in connecting the upper and lower limbs. The strong core muscle group plays a stable and supporting role in body posture, motor skills, and special technical movements. Therefore, the core muscle group must be well trained for those who have a beautiful and straight posture and strong body control and balance.

big air track
Balance pad standing

Stand on the balance pad or gymnastics pad with one foot to keep your body stable. Further, the eyes can be closed, which will stimulate the proprioceptive nerves more strongly and bring more challenges to the core stability.

One leg squat
Stand on one leg, bend your hips and squat down. Your knees should not exceed your toes to ensure that your supporting feet touch the ground with the whole soles of your feet. To increase the difficulty, you can stand on the balance pad or air track to complete the squat.

Fitness ball push-ups
Open your hands and put them on the fitness ball with your hands below your shoulders. Beginners can reduce the difficulty by putting their elbows on the ball, or their feet can be wider apart. Don't let your chest touch the ball when you fall to the ground. When you get up, you don't have to straighten your elbow. Keep your body in a straight line from head to foot. Tighten your abdomen and don't collapse your waist.

Balance pad balance type
Sit on a balance pad or cushion and keep your balance with your tailbone support. Support your hands on the back of your body, tighten your waist and abdomen muscles, slowly lift one leg, then lift the other leg, and leave your hands off the ground. Keep your back straight. balance.

Support exercise with legs on a balance ball
Put your legs together on the balance ball, hold your hands on the ground, and make an included angle of 90 degrees between your arms and your body; The spine remains in its normal position, parallel to the ground; Control the body without changing any included angle; Keep breathing evenly and don't hold your breath. To further strengthen the difficulty of movement, one-hand support can be used.
Kameymall suggests that the above exercises should follow the training principle of small load multiple times, with static practice time of 15-30 seconds in each group and exercise practice repeated more than 20 times in each group. With the improvement of fitness ability, it can increase the difficulty or intensity.

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