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Specific Points You Should Pay Attention Before You Buy Safety Shoes

May, 10, 2022

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If you spend 8-12 hours a day wearing safety shoes, you need comfort. But finding shoes with built-in cushioning isn't the only way to make sure your feet feel good after a long shift. It is very important to make sure your safety shoes fit.

Two points you could consider change shoes

1.Cracked upper
Today's safety shoes for women are made from a variety of materials, including natural and synthetic leather, knitted and woven materials. If the upper material tears or the shoe stitching separates from the women's safety shoe, it's time to buy a new pair. This damage can be dangerous and cause job site injuries that are easily avoidable.
2.They leak
If your job comes in contact with water or other liquids and they seep into your shoes, it's time to buy a new pair. Too much moisture can cause many problems, including bacterial and fungal growth. Obviously, if your workplace has oil and acid hazards on the ground, you don't want to expose your feet to those hazards. What's more, shock protection deteriorates over time in wet environments.

Measuring is necessary
When shopping for safety shoes, we recommend having your feet measured by a professional. Whether you've worn the same style or the same manufacturer before, you must measure your feet. We recommend that you measure your feet frequently, as the length and width of your feet can change over time. Always stand during the measurement.

When trying on safety shoes, it is important to make sure you have enough space in the toe box. While leather will stretch and soften with wear - safety toes don't. Make sure your toes are not rubbing against the safety toes. If desired, our salespeople can recommend styles with wider safety toe caps to free up more space. You also need to make sure that the ball of your foot is at the widest part of the shoe.

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Walk around with your shoes on or move in your normal workday posture. This will give you an idea of how the footwear performs on the job. When trying on any footwear, you want the footwear to feel great right out of the box. Don't buy styles that feel like you need to "break in" to feel good from Kameymall.

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