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Air Track Mat Provides Bounce For Your Training

Mar, 08, 2022

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Air track mat is one of the most common sport tools for gymnastics. It looks likes a long, thick inflatable surface. These mats provide a springy surface to help you jump and flip effectively. Furthermore, tumbling, backward somersaults and some other different skills can be practiced on this soft mat.

3m gymnastics air track

Build a dedicated area with air track mat

Any difficult skill requires enough space to practice, and not everyone can realize the importance of building a dedicated area for young gymnasts. Although many gymnastics families will face this kind of problem, it can be solved in the end. This is why an air track mat is so important, it can help you save money spent on the gym.

In addition, home practicing is the key step for your sports training. With an air track mat, you will have a chance to practice any skill at home.


Avoid hard surfaces
Sometimes, an easy slip can cause extremely painful injuries and you have to give up training. Practicing on hard surfaces like hardwood floors, carpet or grass are a common option for most gymnastics beginners. However, they won’t provide a good training surface. Padded flooring such as an air track mat or crash mat can provide good cushion with you when training.

Air track mat is made of PVC or DWF, a durable and resilient material that fully supports flips, jumps, and somersaults practices. These mats are made of military-grade PVC drop-stitch building material, which is waterproof and sturdy. You can also place it outdoors for training.


Choose an air track mat and start training outdoors
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