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Round Face Shape And Square Shaped Faces

Apr, 24, 2022

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Yes today we are going to talk about round face shape and square shape face for human hair wigs.

Round shaped faces

In this case, your face for human hair wigs is almost similar in length and width, giving a rounded effect. In short, your nose is the center of your face and is almost similar in any length from it.

On a face of this shape, the jawline can sometimes look a little heavy and you need to keep a hairstyle that makes it look more defined.

A hairstyle that is heavy from the top area of your head will make your face look elongated. To give your head this kind of volume, you can buy Centaur Original Hair Forehead Shape hair extensions from Indigo, which offer versatility and durability. Some hairstyles you can wear on a round face are
Pixie style haircuts
Make your face look more defined by putting less volume on the sides and heavier volume on the top. You can also get rough curls or waves at the front.

High ponytail
As you have to tie your hair tightly and pull it back, it will give the impression of elongation and make your face look longer.
Square shaped faces
People with square shaped faces have three equal dimensions, the width of their forehead, the width of their cheekbones and the width of their jawline, which gives them an overall square face shape.

The strongest element of their face is their sharp jawline, which looks very structured and slightly broad. These people need to have a hairstyle that subtly covers the cheekbone area so that they can give the impression of an oval face shape.

You can buy hair extensions from Indique. A Tahitian wavy wig would be the right choice, this delicate texture will make your face look longer. Alternatively, you can use fringes to cover the width of your forehead. Some of the best hairstyles to go with your face shape are.
Flowing fringed fringes
Leave some unevenly shaped bangs on your head, this will also show off your skin but will also slim your face as the width of your forehead is minimized.
Fake Curly Hair
Layered hair with a centre parting
Get wavy and layered hair from Kameymall with a centre parting. However, make sure these layers form their shape from the cheekbones so that it is cut in such a way that your jawline looks thinner than the width of your cheekbones.

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