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Home news Product Tips Wow! What A Special Mini Air Track! (Part 1)
1m square air track mat 2022

Wow! What A Special Mini Air Track! (Part 1)

Jul, 05, 2022

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Do you use a mat in your life? If you would use your time off work to do yoga, you would definitely need a yoga mat. If you regularly go to a gymnasium or dance studio, you will also have seen a gymnastics mat, used to protect everyone from injuries during training.
But when you look at the picture below, can you recognise it? You might say that it is also a mat, a bit like the small gymnastic mats that teachers used to teach in PE classes when you were a student. But the mat in the picture is much more brightly coloured. In fact, it is a mini air track mat and today I will take you through it.

air track mat

Understanding the mini air track

Take a closer look at the picture. The mini air track in the picture has a purple border and a grey front. A straight line in purple divides the grey face into two parts. It is 1 m long, 1 m wide and 0.1 m or 0.2 m high. Of all the air track mats, this is the smaller one.
Usually the air track mat is used for gymnastics, martial arts, taekwondo, etc. It ensures that you do not get injured during difficult and risky movements. But what, you may wonder, can such a small mat be used for? If you practise flips on such a small mat, you will probably land on your head because you will easily flip out of the mat's range. So, what can such a mat be used for? Let us take you through it in two articles.

Use 1
As you know, there are various moves in gymnastics and the one you remember most is probably the cartwheel, because it makes you look good. However, there is also a move in gymnastics where the hands support the body in a handstand. One such move can be practised using the mini air track mat in the picture. If you are not yet particularly proficient in this movement, you can practise it with your feet against a wall. This means that the mini air track needs to be placed against the wall. If you are already proficient, you can do this anywhere you are given a mini air track.

If you want to know more about the mini air track, please stay tuned for our next article. If you want to buy the mini air track, you can also contact us in the first instance. We are Kameymall and we offer the mini air track in customised colours and sizes.

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