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Introduction To Anti-Static Safety Shoes

Apr, 06, 2022

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In life, many people will have a suitable pair of safety shoes for themselves, depending on their working environment. This is especially true for ladies, for whom safety shoes for women are even more necessary. Today, let's take a look at the less common anti-static safety shoes in our lives.

safety shoes

Environment in which anti-static safety shoes are used

1) Anti-static safety shoes are suitable for operating environments where the working frequency voltage is below 1000V.
2) The use of anti-static safety shoes should check the value of voltage resistance indicated on the upper or sole of the shoe.
3) When wearing anti-static safety shoes, their working environment should be able to keep the upper dry.
4) When in use, the provisions of the National Electrical Safety Work Regulations (DL408 and DL409) must be strictly observed.

The role of anti-static safety shoes

1) Anti-static: Anti-static safety shoes can both eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in the human body and prevent electric shock from power sources below 250V. Insulation of the sole needs to be considered to prevent the hazards of inductive or electric shock.

2) Electrical insulation: anti-static safety shoes can insulate the human foot from electrically charged objects and prevent protection from electric shock, and can prevent electric shock from currents of up to 250V.

3) Comfortable: comfortable to wear. The outer sole of anti-static safety shoes is made of rubber, polyurethane, etc. The performance and hardness of the outsole of anti-static labour safety shoes are clearly defined and should be tested with a folding and abrasion resistance tester and hardness tester.


Instructions for the use of anti-static safety shoes

1) The level of protection during use may be affected by damage to the shoe by scoring, cutting, abrasion or chemical contamination and should be checked regularly and damaged shoes should not be worn.
2) If worn in locations where the material on the sole of the shoe is contaminated, for example with chemicals, the area should be warned when entering such hazardous areas that the electrical properties of the shoe will be affected.
3) electrically insulated footwear does not guarantee 100% protection against electric shock and additional tests to avoid such hazards are necessary. This type of testing should be part of the routine hazard evaluation procedure, as should the additional tests mentioned below.



If you would like to purchase a pair of anti-static safety shoes for yourself or a family member or friend, welcome to Kameymall, where you are sure to pick the right pair of safety shoes.

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