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Shelf Life Of Safety Shoes

Jan, 13, 2022

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Due to the special protective function of safety shoes, the validity period is a very important index. This product has the functions of good air permeability, anti-static, wear-resistant, and anti-skid. It is mainly suitable for aviation, aerospace, and hazardous chemical industries to avoid flammable and explosive accidents caused by static electricity. Acid and alkali-proof labor protection shoes are suitable for operation protection in the electric power industry, post and telecommunications, enterprise electrician, and other industries. Anti-smashing shoe cover this product should avoid sharp objects during wearing. Once such sharp objects pierce the insulating sole or the anti-skid pattern on the sole is ground flat, it will no longer have insulating performance. Safety shoes that exceed their service life may lose their protective effect and threaten the safety of users. So, how long is the validity period of safety shoes? Let Kameymall introduce you!

safety boots lightweight
Generally speaking, the safety shoes used need to be one year after quality control, but it needs to be determined according to the corrosion and wear degree of safety shoes. The service environment, low wear rate, can be used for one to three years. On the contrary, for poor working conditions, such as plating rooms, three-month safety shoes may need to be replaced due to strong resistance.
Students may also reduce the performance of safety shoes if they store them for a long time. Many safety shoes use PU soles. Pu will degrade and the soles will crack seriously. Therefore, if enterprises buy PU soles, they must pay attention to their storage time.
According to different protection emphases, it is divided into different types. For these special anti-static and insulating safety shoes, more attention should be paid to safety shoes. Generally, the use of anti-static shoes should not exceed 200 hours. More than one resistance test should be carried out. If they are unqualified, they can not be used again.
Insulating safety shoes include electric insulating leather shoes, cloth rubber shoes, rubber shoes, and plastic shoes. Each enterprise type shall reasonably develop and formulate the available time limit according to the different labor relationship intensity and operating environment in China. However, the following points should be noted:
1. Storage time: if the insulating safety shoes are more than 18 months after delivery, the electrical performance must be subject to preventive inspection;
2. Wear degree: as long as there is corrosion damage at the bottom, it can not be used as electrical insulating shoes regardless of size;
3. Detection: at least one of the electrical characteristics of the insulating safety shoes used every 6 months. In case of failure, they will no longer be used.
The so-called network security education is nothing trivial. Although we look OK for the safety shoes beyond the validity period, the performance of the protection system can be greatly reduced. As information users, we must always pay attention to the service life of the safety shoes for women to avoid accidents.

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