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5 Best Sexy Bikinis for Your Body Type

Jan, 03, 2022

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As the weather warms up, so does the fashion, particularly in swimwear. However, when it comes to swimwear, we tend to concentrate on improving or concealing a aw in our appearance. That is all over now. There are so many wonderful bathing suits out there that it might be hard to know where to begin, so we've put together our favorite to help you get started. Wear a belted one-piece maillot to show off your curves or a throwback high-waisted sexy bikini to show you’re your boobs. If you worked hard all year to tone your glutes, why not show them off in a high-cut cheeky bottom or bikinis that show them off to their best potential? If you commit to performing a lot of cannonballs in these suits, we'll help you discover the perfect one for your body type.

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Different Types of Sexy Bikini Set

• Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini
• Multi-String Bikini
• String Bikini
• Microkini
• Tankini


Bandeaukini/Strapless Bikini
This design is often paired with a bandeau bra, which is similar to tube tops in that it is wrapped around the chest. It has no straps since it is elasticized to accommodate the body, and the briefs provide a striking contrast to the overall design. A bandeau is highly suggested for women with a pear-shaped physique or smaller breast size. This style is more exposed than the conventional ones because of the elastic, which is seductive and stylish.

Multi-String Bikini
The name implies that the bikini includes a bra with many straps that may be worn as a halter at the nape of the neck or fashioned more contemporary manner. The shoulders of this dress are embellished with creative strap designs rather than the traditional two-strap design.


String Bikini
By stepping into one of them for your next swim, you may cast a magical spell on yourself. This pair has strings that cling to your back and at the waistline, which helps to warm things up a little bit.


This bikini design is very sparse, with just enough fabric to cover the genitals of ladies who wear it. Extremely exposed versions may need a single thread to keep things sufciently covered! You'll probably need a lot of courage to pull this off in public!

A tankini is one of the most current types of bikini that may wear within reasonable limitations. A tankini is a bikini top with shoulder straps paired with a bikini bottom contrasting or matching.


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