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What Mades Of Air Track

Jan, 06, 2022

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You might have seen an inflatable surface, rectangular in shape being used for the sake of tanning in different sports like Karate fighting, tumbling, and cheerleading. This surface is called an Air track that has gained massive popularity among these sports professionals. These are used to provide a better learning environment for these sports and prevent high-impact injures.

Usually, Air tracks are made up of such materials that impart great strength and durability to this product thus making it ideal for your sports needs.

20 foot air track


Air track has been invested with some assistive features that make it very easy to use. Here is some detail of these features.

1-Carrying handles:

The first assistive feature of this product is “carrying handles” which allow you to transport the track from one place to another. Additionally, you can adapt its orientation to your requirement, whether it be in sunlight or shadow.


2-Dual Valves:
You should be conversant with the fact that while training on the air track, different weights may exert different pressure on the mat which requires different air pressures in the mat. In order to manage this, this track has dual valves to maintain pressure in the track according to your requirements.

3- Splicing features:
In case, there are multiple trainers of karate fighting, cheerleading, and gymnastics, the room may fall short since the standard size of Air track is 90-115cm. But, the splicing feature helps you to add more mats alongside the central mat which as a result increases the room for practice.


Air track majorly finds its applications to prevent high-impact injuries while doing complex exercises like karate fighting, gymnastics, and tumbling. It is not popular among professionals but also among novices.

If you are a sports lover and want to do complex training, it is necessary to first save your body from high-impact injuries; therefore, you should choose Kameymall from where can find an awesome variety of durable Air tracks.

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