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Find The Right Wig For Different Face Shapes

Apr, 11, 2022

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While you can't change something about you, you can make a part of your body look better with external tools.
There are 7 facial shapes, which determine what style of wig you need to buy because each of them with unique and attractive features. Kameymall will share some tips for you to choose the right wig.

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Facial shapes are as follows:


The oval face is long, narrow and well-proportioned.
Be bold. This face suits any hair style, length or texture.
You have the opportunity to try a variety of options.



Round faces are wide and full.
Choose a geometric style to add height and length to make your cheeks look narrow.
Don't choose a style that is too short because it will make your face look round.



Square faces have a wide hairline and chin
Use a wig with a curly texture to hide straighter face lines and do not add volume to the sides of the face.

The Diamond Face is narrow at the crown, widens at the cheekbones, and narrows to a pointed chin.
Be sure to add volume above the cheekbones or close to the chin.
Don’t add width to cheekbones.

The Pear Face has a narrow forehead and a wide chin
Be sure to add width from the crown of the head to eye level to balance out the chin.
Don’t add volume below the chin, which further widens the face.


A heart-shaped face has a wide forehead and a narrow chin
Add volume to the hair around the chin to make the narrow chin look more harmonious
You can even try bangs!


The rectangular face is wide
Be sure to use bangs, half bangs or curls to make the narrow bone structure look more harmonious.
Avoid sharp, straight styles as it will make your face look longer.



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