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How To Take A Nap On The Air Track Mat

Apr, 25, 2022

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Letting the children take a nap after lunch is very healthy in the summer. This is because they can have enough energy to get to class in the afternoon. In recent years, many schools in Hangzhou, China, have come up with unique ways to try and provide a more comfortable sleeping space for children.

School could make full of extra air track mats to regard as beds

If schools have some extra air track mat that they have bought, so they can make full use of them to make the children sleep more comfortably, as well as having ear plugs and eye masks.

When nap time came, the students got excited and then gathered their desks and chairs together to make more space, laid out the air track mat, set up their pillows and started sleeping.

In addition, the school has installed sunshade curtains for each class to create a safe and sleep-friendly classroom environment for the students.
The advantages of taking a nap for students and the benefits of making full of extra air track mat

Before the use of the air track mats, students had to lie down on their desks to doze off. Their hands and feet went numb easily and they always slept through the night. This is not healthy for the students' development.
A happy coincidence is that the school happens to have a lot of unused air mats in storage. These air rails are easy to clean and dry, so they can be used as nap mattresses. This experiment will allow the children to sleep comfortably and to learn and grow better after their rest.

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