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good quality lightweight industrial safety shoes

What Can Safety Shoes Do?

Aug, 29, 2022

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A foot injury can make people debilitating, making it difficult to work or complete work.


Protection against falling objects

Some people may think that safety shoes are only for workers, but that is not right. There are plenty of safety shoes on the market now and the classification of safety shoes is more specific. Safety shoes are not exclusive to men workers, and you can see safety shoes for women on the market. Wearing safety shoes or boots to protect your feet may help prevent further injury in the following ways.


Falling and flying objects are common hazards when workers carry heavy loads or work in dynamic environments where multiple people, machines and vehicles operate simultaneously. Protective footwear like steel-toed boots can effectively prevent crush injuries to the feet.

Puncture protection

Shoes with thick soles and thick material around the feet provide the best protection when workers may step on or be hit by sharp objects from above. For example, on a construction site, many sharp objects may be in someone’s path while soft-soled shoes may not provide adequate protection.


Cutting prevention

Machines that are sharp or contain moving parts can present a cutting hazard. For example, workers in the logging industry are at risk from chainsaws. If the chainsaw touches someone’s foot, the results can be disastrous. Logging boots are constructed of cut-resistant material to protect workers using chainsaws. These boots are also waterproof and give a support to the ankle.


Electrical protection

Electricity presents various risks to the workplace. Workers may be exposed to potential electric shock or build-up of static electricity, which can cause electrical sparks in some environments. To reduce the chance of an electrical accident, wear non-conductive shoes made of leather, rubber, or other non-conductive materials. Anti-static or conductive shoes can be used where static build-up on the body poses a hazard. These options reduce the amount of static electricity that builds up on your body, preventing static sparks.


If you want to get more information about safety shoes, you can now visit Kameymall to check how versatile and stylish our safety shoes are.

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