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Uses Of Air Track

Jan, 21, 2022

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An air track is a piece of gymnastics equipment that is inflatable. It makes tumbling skills easier to perform. They provide the same amount of bounce and air time as a trampoline because they are inflatable. Furthermore, they contribute to softer landings when compared to traditional tumble tracks. When not in use, an air track, like a bouncy castle or another inflatable, can be deflated for more convenient storage.

gymnastic air track mat
Air track design

Tumble track mats have been around the longest and have a simple and straightforward design. Unlike competition tumble tracks, tumble track mats include synthetic padding for cushioning and safety. The Air Track's body is made of reinforced 0.2mm drop stitch double wall fabric that has been brushing finished. The DWF surface is composed of two layers of coated fabric connected by thousands of small threads. Air tracks at All About Gymnastics are made of high-quality PVC, which provides a soft, non-slip, durable, and easy-to-clean surface. The only limit to the size, shape, and form of an air track structure is your imagination.

Easy & quick setup
Depending on the size of the mat, inflation takes between 10 seconds and 5 minutes. Air Tracks are lightweight and simple to assemble and reposition. Even the largest Air Tracks are lightweight and take up no more than one pallet space in storage.

What makes this Air Tracks different from the old tumbling tracks?

The latest generation of Air Tracks is air-tight and does not require a continuous blower. Even the largest Air Tracks can be inflated in 5 minutes with a small hand blower. You no longer need to use an expensive, large, and noisy fan. When compared to the old tumbling tracks, the new generation of Air Tracks weighs only 60% as much.

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