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air track mat 3m long 2022

What Sizes Are Air Tracks?

Aug, 06, 2022

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If you are a sports enthusiast, you probably already know about the air track, as it can really improve your workout efficiency and allow you to exercise anywhere, anytime - after all, with it you can do gymnastics at home, outdoors or even on the water, instead of the gym being the only option.

However, many first time buyers of the air track are not so sure how to choose the size of the air track.

air tumble track mat
Length of the air track

3m air track: 3m is the standard air track length and is the perfect entry level all-rounder for gymnastics, cheerleading and parkour. Our 3m air tracks are versatile, lightweight products that are perfect for home and gym use. They come in a range of colours and have the right Velcro strips so you can attach the track to extend the tumbling time. They are made from durable, high grade 0.9mm matt PVC. All our air tracks are UV resistant, REACH compliant and CE certified. In fact, I personally believe that this length of mat is the most suitable for domestic use and does not require a particularly large space.

4m long air track: If you need more length, the 4m long air track offers a longer safe space for landings, tumbles and somersaults. It also has the same Velcro connections, colour options and durable PVC surface.

6m air rail: If you have the space, the 6m air rail is the perfect gym alternative when you need a large landing surface. See the D10 6m Air Rail and the Rainbow 6m Air Rail.

Thickness of the air track

10cm air track: The standard air track is 10cm deep and provides a stable, soft landing for most jumps and moves under high pressure. 10cm depth simulates the same bounce as a gymnastic floor, making skills easy to transfer in the gym.

20cm Air Tracks: For added bounce, the 20cm depth is the perfect solution for all levels of athletes. 20cm depth air mats can be used at both high and low pressures to provide low impact, stable landings and better jump height. The increased bounce will make the skills easier to master.


Of course, the above are the more conventional sizes of air track. At Kameymall you can customise the air track to your own size, for example the air track pictured above is 5m long, 1m wide and 0.2m thick.

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