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Air Track Mat For Throwing And Straddling Practice

Mar, 19, 2022

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An air track mat is inflatable mat whose shape is like a long, narrow rectangle. Air track mats are very common in life. Air track mats are particularly widely used in life, formerly mainly in martial arts gyms, sports halls and dance halls, but nowadays they are very common in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and even away from home. In addition to its wide range of uses, it has a number of other advantages. Firstly, it is easy to clean, just rinse with water and dry in the sun. Secondly, it is easy to put away. You can either roll them up or fold them up and put them in a small corner. Furthermore, air track mats are easy to use and have a wide audience. Today we are going to talk about how to use the air track mat for some throwing and straddling exercises.

air track mat

For throwing practice

Students can practice throwing solid balls, basketballs, sandballs, salad bottles, etc., with their hands in a supine, side-lying or prone position, or by stacking the gymnastics mat at a certain height and practising throwing solid balls at a correct angle.

For straddling practice

In PE lessons, the teacher can fold the air track mats and place them at a reasonable distance for the students to practise hurdle running. The teacher can also stack the sponge mats to practice the hurdle attack leg and swing leg breakdown technique. If the mats are also laid on the floor, the students are less likely to get injured as they are soft and flexible.

Where to buy an air track mat

Do you like jumping sports? Do you want to do jumping training? If you are looking for a new air track mat, I recommend Kameymall which sells a viariety of sorts of these mats of different colors, sizes and shapes. Customers who have ordered air track mats from our shop are very satisfied with the quality and design of our products. We look forward to your visit. If you have any questions about air track mats, please feel free to contact us and we will be the first to answer them for you. We are willing to provide you with excellent pre-sales and after-sales services.


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