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How Important We Need Buy Bikinis With The Best Quality

Apr, 30, 2022

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So I am on a family holiday on the beach. My whole extended family (20+ people) are staying in the big house we've rented together. Then during the day we all sit on the crowded beach, in beach chairs, in a big half circle, talking, reading books and just sitting there. In case you're wondering, yes, that's my ideal holiday. Sitting and chatting and reading a book.

So awkward the story is

I'm sitting on a beach chair next to my dad, reading a book that I absolutely cannot put down. I lift my hand, gently, to turn the page.
I saw something fly out and land about 10 feet in front of me. Startled, I looked down and realized I was looking at my bare chest. My swimming costume buttons had broken and my bikini swimsuits top had been flung out on a crowded beach. Did I mention that I was sitting right next to my dad? Oh, and my entire extended family?


Naturally, I put my book down and covered myself with my arms. By this time, I had drawn attention to myself (but only from my own extended family, because it was better that way) and my stepmother yelled to my father, "John, get her a towel!" My dad was so mortified (for me? Of me? Because of me?) , he looked around and couldn't find a non-Sandy towel. Sandy will do, Dad! Anything will do. Anything will do!


I decided that, yes, lying face down was best and would probably make me less visible on a topless beach. But have you ever tried going from sitting to kneeling to lying down without using your arms? This is not something that can be done gracefully. Allow me to paint a picture for you. My stomach toppled onto the sand and landed with a thud, almost knocking my breath out of me.


Eventually, my father found a towel and then I discreetly (but I mean, what's the point now?) wrapped it around me and casually walked inside to put on another swimming costume.

This, my friends, is why you should go out and buy a good bikini from Kameymall and spend the money on it. You knew this was coming, didn't you? I've found the secret to living like a cheap person. Because God knows I won't spend more than $25 on a bikini top. I now do this with all my cheap swimming costumes.

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