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physics air track experiment from Kameymall

Transportable inflatable tumbling equipment

Jun, 11, 2022

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Train anywhere, anytime with the easy-to-inflate inflatable tumbling mat. Inflate small to medium sized tumbling mats in less than 2 minutes with our supplied foot pump and benefit from a 2 year warranty covering defects in materials and workmanship. Take your air tumbling mat out with you at all times with a handy carry bag and easy deflation design that packs your mat into a compact size.
Your gymnast or cheerleader will love the ability to stay sharp and practice their tumbling, conditioning and stretching wherever they go. The air track mat works well in home gyms, school gyms, fitness centers and anywhere else you need it.

For an extra bouncy gymnastics party

You'll love how easy it is to get your gymnast or cheerleader entertained and doing what they love anywhere you have to go. Take your inflatable gymnastics mat on holiday, to a friend's house, or to a sleepover for an extra bouncy gymnastics party. It is important to let participants know that air tumbling mats are not toys and that any activity involving movement, height or rotation can cause serious injury if used incorrectly. Always check that the mat is correctly positioned before use and always ensure that participants are aware of their physical limitations before using the tumbling mat. We Sell Mats™ prides itself on our high quality on-the-go air tumbling mats so that your gymnast can stay sharp wherever they are.

For higher level tumbler
If you a higher level tumbler, cheerleader, gymnast and you want to be able to practice long passes at home or school safely, so our inflatable air track tumbling mat definitely an awesome like piece of equipment.
This 30 cm high inflatable air track tumbling mat is our most promising product. The perfect tumble trampoline replacement for power tumbling and skill development needed to compete at the most elite levels. There is no skill or tumbling pass that can’t be trained on our 30cmH/8inchH inflatable air track tumbling mat.

Air Track Training Set
How to deflate inflatable air track tumbling mat
When you don't use the inflatable air track tumbling mat, you have to pack up, it's almost exactly the same as it is to set up, you just open the valves at the bottom put the pump in, but you're gonna make sure you switch like the pump from like blowing to sucking( our pump have 2 ports, one is for blowing and one is for sucking) , and then it'll take all the air out, then once it's flat, you can roll it up heaps and then you would need someone strong to either lift it with you or put it on a trolley to move back into the warehouse from Kameymall.

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