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The Method of Setting Up An Air Track

Jan, 19, 2022

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Some things you need to pay attention to

Before setting up your air track, you have to have some crucial safety instructions in your mind to prevent any bad stuff in the future. Right? That is why we have compiled some important ones for you:
Never use shoes on this mat. You can do your training barefooted, but the better way is to go for socks for better grip.
Bringing sharp objects like a knife, scissor, or even a screwdriver can easily damage your air track in a second.
Never store it in heated areas and never bring overheated objects or food near it.
Never go for outside exercise with an air track in the rain because rainwater will make the mat slippery and cause an injury.
Always remember to use landing mats on both ends. You can also use them on sides as well for safer training.

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The step for setting up an air track
Merely, monitor the following steps to set up an air track:
Before anything else, find a vast and flat surface. Make sure there is no harsh stuff near it.
Bring the air track in its bag and bring it out of the bag.
Now, connect the pump with the valve given on the mat.
Turn on the pump.
Turn off the pump when it is inflated.
You are now ready to go.
Note: This process is for the electric pump, but the manual pump will also be similar.


Where can you buy an air track?
You know how to set up an air track, but do you have one? If not, don’t worry because you can buy one from one of the best online shops for air tracks: Kameymall. It provides a lot of kinds of these mats that come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Browse through our mall and choose anything you like.

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