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Use An Air Track Mat In Kindergarten

Apr, 05, 2022

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It is very common to see air track mat in kindergarten. Today, I would like to share the benefits of playing games with the air track mats and two games with you. In this way you may get to know your child better.


The benefits of playing on air track mats

Firstly, the air track mat is soft and therefore laying mats on the floor prevents children from getting hurt. If they fall down during the game, it won't hurt as much. Secondly, gymnastic mats are very versatile and children can use them to create games that adults would never have thought of, which helps to stimulate their imagination. Finally, playing more games is good for strengthening their body.

Game 1: crab moving
Rules: In groups of 8, two people carry three mats side-sliding to 20 metres, keeping the mats from falling. If they fall, pick them up immediately and start again at the drop point. Return to the finish line and hand over to the next group, all finished.
Purpose: To develop students' balance and speed qualities.
Suggestions for extension training: clip two folded mats, hands without holding the mat, etc.

Game 2: fast run with the mat on the head
Rules: in groups of 4, 4 people run quickly with the mat on their heads for 20 metres and fold back, handing the mat to the next person without dropping it.
Objective: To develop students' balance skills.
Suggestions for extension training: two mats on the head, one hand on the mat, etc.


Why get an air track mat in Kameymall
Air track mats are available in varied sizes and thickness and they are available in different colors, sizes, brands, and designs. And you are a kindergarten teacher and want to get find a diverse variety of air track mats, visit Kameymall.

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