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Characteristics Of Air Track Mat You Should Know

Apr, 06, 2022

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Traditional concept believes that yoga mat stands for the most wonderful one if people want to conduct exercises in their houses. Yoga cushion is a wonderful choice for people’s daily and easy training. Having said that, the importance of air track mat should not be underestimated. There are many reasons behind it. Features and characteristics behind the yoga mat and air track mat vary from each other. Follow me, I will recommended you some useful tips in this article.

Inexpensive Air Track

Air track mat is easy to set and place

Women has the propensity of choosing the yoga mat as it has undergone a long period. It can cultivate their meditation ability and improve their body curve. However, such difficult exercises like rope skipping, madness, aerobic exercise, etc are all not suitable for the yoga mat. The thickness of the cushion varied greatly between yoga mat and air track mat. In this context, the degree of safety of the air track mat can be assured for people to conduct the high-risk training.


Materials vary from the two products
1.5-10mm is the international standard of air track pad to ensure the safety function of air track pad. The size should be contained between 183cm * 61cm. In this context, the air track mat has the high degree of safety and security. Even children can play with it without the fear of suffering ankle strain or skin damage. For the professional athletes, the material of the air track mat is more advanced as the special material is conducive for sweat-absorption which will eliminate some troubles in the process of training.

Kameymall will always hold you back if you want to replace the yoga mat with the air track mat. Here are various styles and colors of high-quality air cushion pads, which will definitely meet your needs.

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