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Why Human Hair Wig Better Than Synthetic One

Sep, 29, 2022

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The fiber is what makes synthetic and real hair wigs different from each other. A synthetic wig may keep its style better even after washing. Actual human hair is used to create human hair wigs, giving them a realistic appearance and feel. However, much like real hair, they must also be styled again after washing. Learn more about the differences between wigs made of synthetic and human hair by continuing to read!

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The difference between them

The most realistic look and feel may be found in human hair wigs. Although they may be the more expensive option, they are also more durable if properly cared for. Wigs made of human hair can endure for one to three years. They have a sheen and movement that synthetic hair finds difficult to match and are surprisingly soft. Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and European human hair are the four main varieties used in wigs. Asian hair is used most often in the production of wigs.


If quality is the only consideration, human hair wigs are by far the better option. The primary disadvantage of human hair, outside the cost, is the upkeep necessary; much as with real hair, it takes work. Daily styling is really preferred by many people since it gives them more control over their look and the feeling of routine that comes with the daily hair-styling procedure. Remember that human hair does not arrive in a package that is ready to be worn. To achieve the precise style you want, you might decide to have it tailored by a stylist. It does need a little additional work, but it is worthwhile!


Even in inclement conditions, synthetic hair can ensure no drooping or frizzing. Synthetic hair provides simplicity, but it lacks variety and seems dry. Only certain Heat Friendly synthetic hair may be changed with heat. Remember that even fibers that are heat-friendly can be challenging to style since synthetic fiber is more resistant to alteration. Additionally, synthetic hair is not as strong as genuine hair. Synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces should last for around four months with good care, whereas real hair wigs should last for at least a year.


Last words

A premium choice is regarded to be remy human hair. When gathering and creating the wig or hairpiece, hair follicles are kept moving in the same direction. Hair looks and feels silkier when the cuticles are all flowing in the same direction, which significantly reduces tangling.


Broadly, it will be simple for you to create any type of hairdo once you have invested in a wig made of actual human hair. So, if you're interested in learning more about the most stylish human hair wigs, check out Kameymall.

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