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Something Interesting With Safety Shoes You Couldn’t Miss

May, 07, 2022

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In ancient times, the unevenness of the land and the cold and heat of the climate made it instinctive for humans to protect their feet, and so shoes emerged, simply wrapping the feet in animal skins and leaves, which became the earliest shoes in human history.

As the standard of living of mankind has increased, the classification of shoes has also been refined. We now share with you the classification of shoes, particularly safety shoes for women.

Safety shoes

Shoes that provide protection in special situations. For example, steel-working safety shoes for women are generally made of cowhide, with soles made of cow leather or types, and the front of the shoe is lined with a steel head; electrician's shoes are generally rubber soles with good electrical insulation properties; miner's boots and water field boots (also known as water field socks) are generally rubber boots with thicker soles than ordinary rain shoes (boots) and can be waterproof.

Other kind shoes:
1.Sports shoes
There are hiking boots, gymnastic shoes, track and field shoes and various kinds of sneakers. The uppers are made of soft leather, canvas and nylon, with the exception of basketball and volleyball shoes, which are made of canvas. The head, midriff and heel of the shoe are all surrounded by soft leather to increase the strength of the upper. The soles are mostly made of rubber to increase elasticity. The mouth of the shoe is fitted with a composite foam material to protect the ankle.
2.Casual shoes
Casual shoes are a type of footwear that is characterized by a simple, comfortable design that meets the needs of everyday wear. The concept, connotation and function of the casual shoe are closely linked to this new lifestyle ideal and approach. People use the shape, brand and connotation of casual shoes to decorate and dress themselves, to showcase themselves, and to gain an aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spiritual satisfaction from them.

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